• 2013-2014 


    Cash Management Form

    ·  Requests for cashboxes should be made at least one week prior to the event

    ·  Requestor to complete the top of the form and then submit form to tolbertptatreasurer@gmail.com or leave it in the PTA mailbox

    ·  When cashbox is received from the Treasurer,please count the money AND sign part 2 of the form.

    ·  At the end of the event, requestor and one other volunteer must count the money. Two signatures are required prior to returning form/funds to the PTATreasurer. Part 3 must be completed.

    Deposit Form

    ·   Please complete form in its entirety…..including signature of individual submitting the deposit.

    ·   With large deposits, please include a spreadsheet totaling cash/checks (include check #, name and amount).

    ·   Please contact PTA Treasurer at tolbertptatreasurer@gmail.com to schedule a pick-up of the deposit or leave it in the PTA mailbox in the front office. If leaving in the mailbox, please send an email to the above email address notifying Treasurer it is there.


    Check Request/Reimbursement Form

    ·   Please complete form in its entirety

    ·   Receipts need to be attached to the request form

    ·   Please allow 7 days for check to be processed and mailed

    ·   Reimbursement requests must include all expensesof the event. Do not use the cashbox tohttp://lcps.org/CuteSoft_Client/CuteEditor/Images/anchor.gif cover expenses.



    Cashbox Management Form

    PTA Reimbursement Form

    PTA Deposit Form