Earth Science 2017-2018


    Mr. Weisman                                                       ken.weisman@lcps.org          


    Classroom Policies and Expectations


    Dear Students, Parents, and Guardians,


    Welcome to this year’s 2017-18 Earth Science class. This course focuses on the study of the earth and earth’s processes through geology, oceanography, meteorology and astronomy.  This class will follow county and state mandated standards and will prepare students for the Earth Science Virginia Standards of Learning test this spring. 


    Policies and Expectations:


    • Course Supplies and Materials: We will be keeping a separate notebook for science class. It is expected to be organized at all times. A Briar Woods planner is given to each student at the beginning of the year. It serves as an excellent tool for organization and it is expected that you bring it to class every day!


    • 1.5” hard sided 3 ring binder
    • Loose-leaf paper (small amount)
    • Pencils/pens
    • Dividers for binder (Agenda ,SOL, Notes, Tasks, Study Guides)
    • Optional-Colored Pencils, glue stick, markers


    Attendance: Students are expected to attend class and be on time.       This means that you are in your seat with your notebook, textbook, agenda, and writing instruments at your place when the bell rings. An unexcused tardy will be given to any student who is late to class.       Disciplinary action for tardies and unexcused absences will follow in accordance to Briar Woods High School’s policy.


    Grading: Each assignment (homework, project, tests, quizzes, etc.) is assigned a weight.       Grades are based on the Loudoun County Public School’s grading scale.


    A+=98-100       B=83-86           C-=70-72         F=59-below

    A=93-97           B-= 80-82         D+=67-69

    A-=90-92         C+=77-79         D=63-66

    B+=87-89         C=73-76           D-= 60-62


                    Determining grades each quarter: Total points earned/total points possible


    Quarterly Mastery Assessments: A cumulative quarterly mastery assessment will be given at the end of every quarter. It will cover all material taught in that quarter with each previous test covered in a separately graded section.  Quarterly Mastery Assessment grades can replace one or more unit test grades from that marking period with the grade on the corresponding section.  The Quarterly Mastery Assessment will not count as an individual grade in the grade book, it serves as a replacement for previous tests.


    Late work will be accepted with a penalty 10% per class period it is late with the exception of homework, which will not be accepted for any credit. After a unit assessment (test) has been given, late work will not be eligible to receive credit. If you are absent, you have one day for every day you were absent to make up the missing work. Any work that was due the day of your absence is then due the day of your return.  In the case of lab assignments, you have one week to come in and make up the activity.  It is the student’s responsibility to locate the missing work from the task box, the teacher, or online.


    Additional Classroom Expectations:

    1. Every student will show respect for themselves and others. This means you act appropriately and safely, listen to others while they are speaking and respect personal property. 
    2. Every student will abide by the Honor Code set forth by Briar Woods High School. It is expected that no student will give or receive unauthorized aid on any assignment.
    3. Every student is permitted to have water and chewing gum. If the gum is either seen or heard then it must be disposed of. Snacks and candy are only permitted if we are not in a lab.
    4. Every student should remain in their assigned seat during class unless instructed differently (ie. Labs, group work).


    Students who are experiencing academic difficulties are strongly encouraged to meet with us before or after school. Please don’t wait until the last minute, if it doesn’t make sense…ask!


    Please feel free to contact us here at school (703)957-4400 or through email. You can also visit our vision page. Please ask your student for their log in and password to access the course page.






    Mr. Ken Weisman