• 2016-2017 - For helpful links to grammar from previous years, please view the level III and IV webpages as all notes are listed on those pages.  You may also find a few on the Latin V Honors webpage.  

    At all times you should be checking and reviewing your AP calendar.  Snow does not mean we stop working!!! You will be expected to keep up with the calendar regardless of your personal days missed from class or snow days.  All work missed due to absences or snow is due when you return to class.  :)
    2016-2017 AP Summer Assignment 
    Please feel free to email me or to text me (703)728-2359 should you have any questions regarding the summer assignment.  I will post the AP Caesar/Vergil Syllabus the 1st of August for you to become familiar with and I will not be giving out hard copies so if you would like a hard copy, please print one out for yourself.  Vale! Magistra Newell 
Last Modified on June 23, 2016