Important Student Science Safety Information
    Student Science Safety Rules and Regulations
    Science is a hands-on laboratory class.  You will be doing many laboratory activites, which require the use of potentially hazardous materials and equipment.  A positive attitude toward safety is imperative.  Students should not fear doing experimetns, using reagents, or euipment, but should respect them for potential harzards.  Safety in the science classroom is the highest priority for students, teachers, and parents.  To ensure a safe science classroom, the following set of rules has been determined for LCPS Science classrooms.  These rules must be followed all all times. 
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    Student Science Safety Rules and Regulations 
    Student Science Safety Acknowledgement Form for Working with Microorganisms
    The laboratory can be a hazardous place.  It is therefore critical and an expectation that students adhere to the following specific protocols and standards to help make it a safer place to work and learn.  Students who are immune compromised or pregnant are advised to let the teacher know in confidentiality, should alternative activites be required to insure health and safety.