• Functional English/Reading

    Mrs. Morrison

    Reading is an integral part of our everyday lives.  Almost every situation in which we find ourselves requires reading.  We read to gain information, pay bills and invoices when making purchases, and complete forms when applying for jobs.  These activities require not only the ability to read but also the ability to comprehend information as well. 

    My goal is to teach reading and comprehension skills that will help students make the connection between reading and their everyday lives.  Students will read various books, magazines, schedules, prescription labels, classified ads, and internet websites to locate and access information.

     All work will be related to their IEP goals.

    Required Materials:

    ·         1” Binder

    ·         2 Composition books

    ·         Pencils


    ·         Homework

    ·         Daily work

    ·         Test

    Class Rules:

    ·         Come to class on time and prepared to start working immediately

    ·         Follow classroom rules and expectations

Last Modified on August 30, 2013