• Independent Living

    Mrs. Morrison  

    During Independent Living, students will learn and practice real world basics to help them function in adult life.


    ·         Importance of Hygiene and Health

    ·         Organization

    ·         Recognize tools and develop skills to clean your home, room, dishes and laundry

    ·         Telephone/Computer Skills

    ·         Basic Nutrition

    ·         Food Budgeting and Menu Planning

    ·         Basic Kitchen Equipment

    ·         Safety

    ·         Cooking


    Required Materials:

    ·         Agenda                                              

    ·         Pencils/Pens                           

    ·         Various food items and supplies

    ·         Assignments               


    Grades will be determined based on the following:

    ·         Class participation

    ·         Assignments


    Tips for Success:

    1.       Come to class on time and prepared

    2.      Follow directions

Last Modified on August 30, 2013