• Geometry


    Teacher:  Mr. Earl Thompson

    Room:  L401 

    Telephone:  BWHS 703-957-4400

    e-mail:  Earl.Thompson@lcps.org   




    Required Materials:          3-Ring Binder

                                                 Pencils and Erasers


    Course Description: Geometry is the study of the inter-relationships and properties of points, lines, planes, and space figures. Emphasis is placed on systematic and logical reasoning. This course includes the deductive axiomatic method of proof to justify theorems and to determine whether conclusions are valid. The method of justification includes proofs, flow charts, and verbal arguments. Inductive and intuitive approaches are used. Calculators, computers, and graphing utilities will be used where feasible.


    Course Objectives:  Upon successful completion of this course, you will have demonstrated the knowledge and use of:

    • Incorporate the use of technology when appropriate.
    • Construct and judge the validity of a logical argument.
    • Identify and classify figures using basic definitions, postulates, and theorems.
    • Perform basic Euclidean constructions using various tools.
    • Classify and study polygons and their properties.
    • Prove appropriate theorems.
    • Apply the properties of right triangles and trigonometry.
    • Calculate the area and volume of plane and solid figures. 
    • Determine how a change in one dimension of an object affects area and/or volume.
    • Develop and apply the Pythagorean Theorem.
    • Recognize properties of circles and demonstrate their applications. 
    • Write an equation for a circle.
    • Graph and determine the relationships of figures in the coordinate plane.
    • Prove triangles congruent and similar.
    • SOL course information is accessible through links on the BWHS Math Dept web site.


    Attendance:  Class participation is an important part of the learning process.  If you do not attend class or are not an active participant in class, you cannot expect to excel.  Missed work must be made up promptly; otherwise you will fall further behind.  Assignments made prior to an excused absence are due upon the first contact day you return to class.  Arrangements for work missed during an excused absence must be made on the first contact day after the absence.  Work missed due to an unexcused absence may not be made up and will result in a zero for that assignment(s).  If a test or quiz has been announced, expect to take it on the assigned day or the first contact day back, even in the event of an absence.  Exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  It is your responsibility to see me to schedule make-up work and adhere to the schedule that we agree upon.


    Behavior:  We will maintain a professional and positive learning environment in this classroom and throughout Briar Woods High School.  I will deal with anyone who detracts from our high standards on an individual basis (relocation of seat, private conversations after class, school detention, etc.).  If we cannot resolve the problem, I will ask your parents/guardians to work with us.  Your counselor or other educational professionals here at Briar Woods will be called upon if problems persist.




    Each student is expected to: 

    ·         abide by the rules and regulations established by Loudoun County Public Schools and Briar Woods High School

    ·         be on time to class with appropriate materials

    ·         pay attention during class in addition to taking notes

    ·         complete all assignments

    ·         ask questions

    ·         work in a cooperative manner

    ·         be respectful of others and their belongings

    ·         keep an organized notebook 



    My support for you:  If you would like to receive extra help, contact me before or after class to arrange a time/day for us to meet and I will be more than happy to assist you.  If there are any questions or concerns, I can be reached through e-mail, or a phone message can be left in the front office.



    Grading System:                    Loudoun County Public Schools Grading Scale: 


    98 – 100


    73 – 76


    93 – 97


    70 – 72


    90 – 92


    67 – 69


    87 – 89


    63 – 66


    83 – 86


    60 – 62


    80 – 82


    59 & below


    77 – 79




    Each quarter grade will be calculated using Total Points:  Quarter Average = Total Points Earned/Total Points Possible


    Each semester grade will be calculated by weighting the 2 quarter grades at 50% each. 


    The final course grade will be determined by averaging the 2 semester grades.

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