• Sterling Elementary School Counseling Program
    The School Counselor works with students, parents, teachers, and administrators to help students succeed in school and prepare for meaningful, productive living. The Counseling program is child-centered, developmental, and preventative.  It encourages the students’ academic, social/emotional, and career awareness at each stage of their development.
    Classroom Counseling Lessons
    Classroom lessons are provided to all students in grades K-5 at Sterling Elementary.  The counselors meets with grades K-2 class every other week for 30 minutes and 3-5 every other week for 45 minutes.  These lessons focus on a variety of topics including character education, understanding of self and others, conflict resolution, bully prevention, decision making, study skills, and career awareness.
    Group Counseling
    In addition to classroom guidance, small group counseling sessions are offered throughout the year. These groups address a variety of different topics, and may vary from year to year based on students' needs. Some of these topics include self-esteem, anger management, social skills, positive peer interaction, study skills, stress management, changing family situations such as separation/divorce and grief/loss issues regarding the loss of a loved one.  The groups meet weekly for 30 minutes for a period of 6-8 weeks.  Parental permission is required for participation in any group.
    Individual Counseling
    The counselor also meets with children on an individual basis to address certain needs.  Children may be referred to the counselor by a teacher, consultation, parent or by self-referral. 
    The counselor is available for consultation with parents to discuss individual issues which may interfere with a child's academic success in school.  The counselor can provide resources to families for various needs.  
Last Modified on October 24, 2023