• This year at Emerick, all students are eligible to participate in jogging club before school from 7:40-7:55 in the morning. We will start with 1st-5th graders on August 30th and then on September 18th we will allow the KDG to start. This year, jogging club will be everyday. During inclement weather, jogging club will be canceled. This year, students will be running for shoe tokens, also known here at school as "feet". At the end of the month, lap totals will be added up and for every mile a student runs(8 laps) they will receive a shoe token. To help the students keep track of their laps outside, a runner will collect a popsicle stick every time they complete a lap. At the end of jogging club, the students will record their scores on their assigned clipboard. We will be using an honor system to report scores correctly.

Last Modified on August 23, 2023