• Classroom Expectations

    Students learn best in an environment where everyone feels comfortable and accepted.  Everyone is expected to be polite, prompt, prepared, productive, and positive.

        Polite: Be respectful of other students, adults, and school property

        Prompt: Come to class on time and turn assignments in on time

        Prepared: Bring all materials and assignments to class

        Productive: Participate in class and do your very best

        Positive: Participate in class and with others in a positive, encouraging manner


    My grading policy is consistent with SRMS’s mastery based learning.  The grade is based upon the student’s ability to show mastery of the Social Studies 7 curriculum standards.  The journey towards mastery will include homework as well as class work assignments.  The opportunities to show mastery will include tests which will be announced in advance, both in the classroom and on the http://myhomeworkapp.com website.  Extra credit is NOT available per school policy.

    Extra help

    If you are absent or need extra help outside of class, I will be available after school and during Resource.  If you are coming after school, you will need to sign up 24 hours in advance.  You will need to get a pass from me.  Please do not wait until the day before an assessment to get help.  Come early and come often!

Last Modified on August 17, 2017