• In accordance with the Seneca Ridge Middle School policy, I will offer corrections and additional support if the student does not demonstrate mastery (below a 70) with teacher discretion.
    Test Correction Procedures
    1. Mrs. McKenica will indicate that test/assignment corrections are an option on your test/project with a star by your grade on your physical test/project and a note in StudentVue/ParentVue.
    2. Discuss next steps with the teacher as soon as you see the comment in StudentVue/ParentVue or the assignment to schedule a time to correct your assessment.
    3. Make sure you have all resources from the unit in order to help you correct your test and complete your reflection.  This step is to assist you to understand where you went wrong last time, reflect on any mistakes that were made, and have the knowledge to help you perform better on the next assessment.
Last Modified on June 10, 2019