• Gourmet Foods

    1. Complete and return ZERO DAY ALLERGY FORM.
    2. Turn in lab fee – Cash or checks accepted. Make checks payable to “Dominion High School” and write your child’s name on the memo line.
    3. Have a dedicated 3 ring binder (notebook) with notebook paper for Gourmet Foods.
    4. Set up Remind.com See instructions for your specific class on my homepage.


    VISION: Vision is a resource that students can use to look at PowerPoints from class as well as access handouts. This is the place students will use to complete their vocabulary assignments. Students can access this through their "GO" page (go.lcps.org) or from the link above.  

    COURSE CALENDAR: I find students perform better when they see assignments and classwork in calendar form.  The calendar for this course can be accessed through the link below and is intended to be used in conjunction with VISION. Please note adjustments may be made when needed and will be announced through REMIND, in class, or on VISION. 


    I look forward to seeing your child apply what we do in this class at home. Therefore, your child will have the opportunity to earn extra credit by preparing recipes given in class at home.  Follow these guidelines and extra credit will be given.

    1.    Your child is to make the recipe at home

    2.    Have the parents write a note stating what their child made, how it turned out, and sign the note.

    3.    The student needs to bring in a sample of what they made and the parent signed note.

    Ten (10) extra credit points will be given for each recipe prepared at home.