• EMES PTA Calendar of Events

  • Want to add PTA Events to your Calendar?

    To Add the Entire PTA Calendar

    To add to a google Calendar
    1. Click on the button on the lower right of the calendar above
    2. If you're not logged into your google account, you'll be prompted to sign in
    3. You'll be asked if you want to add the calendar
    4. Click Yes
    5. The calendar will then appear under Other Calendars on your google calendar.
    To add to another calendar (iCal)
    • Copy and paste the following url into any application that supports the iCal format
    • Supported Calendars include: Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Outlook/Exchange, Mozilla Thunderbird, Yahoo Calendar
    • Full list available here

    To Add a Single Event to Your Calendar

    1. Click on an event on the calendar above.
    2. A box will open up
    3. Click on Copy to my Calendar »
    4. This will open a new event in google calendar for you to add to your calendar.
    5. NOTE: this makes a copy of the even on your calendar, any updates will not be made automatically.