Eagle Ridge Middle School

    8th Grade Physical Science

    Mr. Breedlove - Team Golden Eagles

    Classroom Policies/Procedures

    2019 - 2020

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    Dear Parents/Guardians,


    Welcome to 8th grade Physical Science at Eagle Ridge Middle School!  Please read the following policies and procedures for my class.  If you have any questions regarding these policies, feel free to email me at donald.breedlove@lcps.org 
    We all look forward to an exciting and prosperous year at Eagle Ridge Middle School!




    Donald Breedlove 


    Students should bring the following items to class each day:

    *    A three ring binder with a section in it for science

    *      Clean notebook paper

    *      A pen and pencil (blue or black ink only please)

    *    Their charged chromebook   


     For my class grades will be broken down into the following two basic categories by percentages:

    GRADE:  out of 100%


    90%  =       Summative Assessments - 



    10% =       Formative Assessments - 
                              Most Labs/Class work/Homework
                              Cumulative end-of-quarter assessment

    ***Retake Policy***



     **Cumulative end-of-quarter assessment:  At the end of each quarter, a cumulative assessment will be given on the units completed within the quarter.  The assessment will include sections of questions organized by unit.  The entire assessment may be used as a replacement grade, if the required criteria is met.**
    *  Prior to the assessment, class time will be given to review all units included
        in the assessment.
    *  If a student scored a 75% or lower on a unit assessment (Example: Matter      Unit), their grade can be replaced by the new grade they earned on that          same section (Example: Matter Unit) of the cumulative assessment - up to      an 80%
    *  Honors will have the opportunity to replace 1 unit test grade per quarter.
    *  Academic will have the opportunity to replace all unit test grades per                quarter, and will also be abe to retake summative quizzes lower than 75%
    *  The replacement/retake grade can be no higher than 80%
    *  Summative project grades cannot be retaken or replaced.

    v    Notebook A section for Science in a three ring binder that should contain the following 4 categories:  1. Warm-ups,   2. Current work (work to study until chapter test is taken)  3. SOL review   4. Projects.   The notebook will serve as both a study guide and an organizer.  The notebook is to be brought to class daily.


    v    Projects - There will be at least 2 collaborative authentic projects assigned throughout the year.  There will also be at least 1 smaller, individual assignment.  I will tell the students far in advance about these projects, and their due dates.





    ü  Students are to be in the classroom and ready to start class when the bell rings.  Please refer to the Tardy Policy for consequences.

    ü  RESPECT for peers and teachers will be expected at all times.  Disrespect will not be tolerated.

    ü  No talking while the teacher, or another student, is talking to the class.

    ü     At the end of class students should be in their seats and quiet.  The teacher (not the bell) dismisses the students.

    ü     Lab safety is a must and will be monitored closely!  Students will take home a safety contract (to be signed and returned) at a later date.