• Locker Room Expectations:

    • Cell phone usage and/or cameras are prohibited.  It is a "Red Zone".
    • Glass or spray containers of any kind are not allowed in the locker room.
    • Students may not spray perfume or cologne in locker room due to allergies of fellow classmates.
    • Backpacks and large bags are not permitted to be in the locker room.  All items must fit into the assigned PE locker.  
    • Food or gum is not allowed in the locker room. 
    • Students are expected to be in the locker room before the bell or will be considered Unexcused Tardy.  
    • Students will have 7 minutes to change.  Then they will be required to sit in front of their locker to indicate they have finished changing.  The teacher will dismiss them to the gymnasium.  

     Uniform Expectatations:


    Students are required to change into their PE uniform each day they have PE.  They need a grey shirt (the Stone Hill grey PE shirt can be purchased for $5), and athletic bottoms.  Socks and athletic shoes with laces are required.  Students are encouraged to remove jewelry.