• Research Biology Policies and Procedures


    Evaluation and Grading:

    Science Research: 30% of your grade

    • This is the section that distinguishes Research Biology from Academic Biology. Throughout the school year, you will be engaging in scientific questioning, research, data analysis, and formulation of conclusions based upon analysis of data and investigating the answers to research questions. Overarching questions will guide the curriculum and dictate the activities that we will complete during our time together in class. The research section will encompass scientific writing, data collection, and group and individual presentations on findings. A strong math background will be helpful when completing statistical analyses. A solid understanding of Excel to produce graphs is essential. 
    • You will get two types of research based labs. Sometimes you will be told exactly what to do in a lab. Other times you will be given an objective and you will be asked to design and carry out the experiment. This is so that you learn to think about, analyze, and apply knowledge — not just repeat a bunch of facts.
    •  Students are expected to complete an individual or teamed biology project for the Briar Woods High School Science Symposium in the spring. This is a requirement to receive the .5 GPA bump at the end of the year.

    Tasks (Activities/Projects/Homework): 30% of your grade

    • Tasks and activities consist of in-class assignments and will vary in length and complexity. Point values will be assigned for each task based on complexity. These are designed to introduce and/or reinforce ideas related to the unit topic.
    • Homework will consist of activities related to either a review of the day’s material or will be preparation for the next lesson. Vocabulary for each unit will also fall into this category. Homework will be graded based upon its 100% completion and is worth 10 points.

    Assessments (Tests and Quizzes): 40% of your grade

    • Tests are larger assessments designed to see how well you are putting the parts of a unit together with the course as a whole. You will be given a unit guide for each test that clearly identifies the learning targets, chapters, and vocabulary you will need to master to be successful on the assessment. If you miss a test the make-up assessment will not necessarily be in the same format as the original, however, it will cover the same learning targets and content.  
    • Quizzes will only be a few questions in length and will have, as their content, material covered in the previous few classes. They usually are used to assess a single learning target and are used as a formative assessment.
    • Root word quizzes will test your vocabulary application skills.

    Late Work: Work is considered on time when you have it in your possession when your class meets on the due date. Electronic assignments must be submitted by the date and time that is specified in the assignment directions. Late work will be accepted one class period past the due date for a 50% penalty. Work will not be accepted after one class period past the due date and a zero will be recorded. 


    Class Expectations:

    1.      All rules and regulations, as stated in the Code of Student Conduct for Briar Woods High School and Loudoun County Public Schools, will be followed in this classroom.

    2.     Students will be in their seats with their binders out and ready to begin when the tardy bell rings.

    3.     Every student will act in a safe manner during all classroom activities, including lab activities.

    4.     Treat others with respect and respect other people’s belongings (B-TRUE).

    5.      Every student will abide by the Honor Code set forth by Briar Woods High School. It is expected that no student will give or receive unauthorized aid on any assignment. All individually submitted assignments must be in your own words. There is a difference between collaboration to help reinforce a concept or skill and cheating.

    “The Briar Woods High School community embodies a symbol of mutual trust and intellectual honesty that is essential to the nature of the school. As members of this community we uphold the values of honesty, integrity, responsibility, accountability, and respect for the property of others.”


    1.    If you are absent you have one day to make up the missing work for every day you missed.

    ·         Check the Briar Woods School page to see what we did in class: https://www.lcps.org/Page/112788

    2.    Any work that was due the day of your absence is then due the day of your return. This includes quizzes, which will be made up during class. In the case of lab assignments, you will need to come in before or after school.

    3.    If you miss a test you will need to make it up within the week. All tests will be taken before or after school or in the testing center.  It is your responsibility to get a pass. If you do not make up the test or quiz a zero will be recorded.

    4.    Arrangements can be made for extenuating circumstances but the excuse (“I forgot”) is not a valid reason.