Welcome to Starting Towards Excellence in Preschool

      at Evergreen Mill Elementary


    STEP (Starting Towards Excellence in Preschool) is a
    locally (LCPS) and State-funded (Virginia Preschool Initiative) program that serves 4 year old children who reside in certain geographical areas in LCPS. Students
    are found eligible through certain criteria.  Children
    must be 4 years old on or before September 30 to be eligible for STEP.


    Children attend STEP Preschool for 3 hours 5 days
    a week.  There is a morning session (7:50 to 10:50)
    and an afternoon session (11:35 to 2:35). 16 children
    may be enrolled in each session.  Children are
    provided with transportation to and from school.


    Information for the STEP Preschool
    may be obtained by calling