• The student will identify and seek opportunities to participate in regular physical activity at school, at home, and in the community.

    HEALTH: Knowledge and Skills

    The student will apply the following skills to decisions regarding health and wellness: critical-thinking skills and personal-management strategies; knowledge of the body’s structures and functions to make sound decisions related to personal health; describe the connections between mental and physical development as they relate to adolescence; analyze the consequences of personal choices on health and wellness; demonstrate injury prevention and management skills to promote personal and family health.

    Information Access and Use

    The student will access and analyze information for the purpose of improving personal and family health.

    Community Health and Wellness

    The student will evaluate the benefits of becoming a positive role model

    within the family and the community.

    PE TOPICS: Cooperative Games

    Lifetime Fitness Activities

    Individual and Dual Sports

    Team Sports

    Lifetime Recreational Activities

    Rhythmic Activities

    HEALTH TOPICS: Personal Management Strategies

    Function and Interaction of Health Body Systems

    Mental and Physical Development

    Personal Choices for Health and Wellness

    Injury Prevention

    Analysis of Health Information

    Community Health and Wellness

    Family Life Education (FLE