Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Joel Getis

My Teaching Philosophy

I believe that all students have the ability and desire to learn, that they are capable of achieving more than they are aware, that confidence breeds success and vice versa, and that school should be engaging, interactive,and fun.  Students want to be successful and recognized for their success and our job as teachers is to help them to learn and to be successful.

                Students want to be exposed to new ideas, participate in activities, and learn new ideas and concepts.  In working with students, I have found that frustration often will set in because they do not completely understand what a question is asking them to answer – they get overwhelmed with the information and shut down.  When we take the time to break the problem down into smaller parts that they can more easily digest,they brighten up and realize that they do know pieces and can apply the pieces to work toward a solution.  Then, they recognize that they have learned something new and how to apply it, which gives them confidence in their abilities and they are ready to take on the next challenge.

                I want them to understand that while problems can be complex, we can break them down into pieces to make them more understandable.  Therefore, my personal teaching motto is “Keep It Simple Students”.  I will work to help students to see the smaller, easier processes and calculations, and how our prior skills and knowledge tie to the new information that we are covering.  We will take things step by step and build upon what we know to simplify our process.  The acronym, KISS, is easy to remember and is reinforced regularly in my classroom.  We want to make it as easy as possible to learn how to do more complex tasks.  By keeping it simple, we will be building on our learning foundation throughout our lessons.

                I value respect and honesty, students giving their best effort, and parents recognizing that we are in a partnership situation as we work with our students. I expect for everyone in my class to treat each other with respect.  This includes respect for other cultures, beliefs, and opinions both within and outside of my class.  Further, I expect students to always do the best that they can do and to ask for help when they need it.  It is also extremely important to me that parents recognize that we are a team and that I need their help to make sure their students are in school and prepared each day.