• First Quarter

    1. Foundations (Equipment/Safety, Scientific Method, Math and Measurement) and Matter

    2. Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table

    a. Basic atomic structure (protons, neutrons, electrons, isotopes, mass number, etc)

    b. Atomic history

    c. History of periodic table

    d. Average atomic mass

    e. Basic quantum (flame test lab)

    f. Electron configuration

    g. Periodic table vocabulary

    h. Periodic trends

    Second Quarter

    3. Bonding and Nomenclature

    a. Ionic vs. covalent bonding

    b. Ionic and covalent nomenclature

    c. Basic acid nomenclature

    d. Lewis dot structures

    e. VSEPR

    4. Chemical Reactions

    a. Balancing reactions

    b. Reaction types

    5. The Mole

    a. Mole conversions

    b. Percent composition

    c. Empirical/molecular formula

    Third Quarter

    6. Stoichiometry

    a. Mole to mole and mass to mass conversions

    b. Percent yield

    c. Limiting reactant

    d. Gas stoichiometry

    7. Thermo

    a. Phase diagrams

    b. Endo/exo

    c. Heating/cooling curve

    d. Phase changes (calculating heat of phase change)

    e. q=mc∆T

    8. Gases

    a. Ideal Gas Law

    b. Dalton’s Law

    c. Boyle’s, Charles’, Gay-Lussac’s laws

    d. Combined Gas Law

    e. Kinetic Molecular Theory

    Fourth Quarter

    9. Solutions

    a. Molarity, dilution

    b. Net ionic equations and solubility rules

    c. Colligative properties

    d. Vapor pressure and intermolecular forces

    10. Kinetics and Equilibrium

    11. Acids and Bases

    12. Nuclear

    a. Half life

    b. Alpha and beta decay

    13. Organic and Biochem

    14. SOL Review

    15. Enrichment