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    Hello and thanks for visiting my page.

    This is my 8th year at Briar Woods High School.  Prior to becoming an educator,  I worked for more that 25 years in various industries including document management, higher education, accounting and IT. My previous roles have included training, sales, management and consulting for large and small companies, established organizations and start-up ventures.   I have a BA in Math & Computer Science from the University of Cincinnati and an MBA from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. I live in the area with my wife, who is a World Language teacher at Dominion High School and I have a daughter is a Graphic Designer having graduate recently from Ohio University who has a Beauty Blog and a son who is a jazz music major at George Mason University. I also have a dog named Emma. 

    I am very into numbers, statistics, and data. And puzzles!  I am consistantly a top 100 player level out of tens of thousand around the world, playing the game Yushino http://www.yushino.com.  Yushino is like Words with Friends but only with numbers. I challenge anyone to try to beat me.
    I will be teaching AP Statistics, Probability & Statistics, and Discrete Math this year.  Follow the links to the left to access class information. You will find assignments and resources for our classes in Schoology  
    When I am not in my classroom, you can usually find me in the Math Resource Center in room L406. 
    The best way to contact me is via email (alex.fogelson@lcps.org).  I also use Remind.com to send out regular notices about my classes.  I encourage parents to sign up as well as students.  The instructions for registering with Remind.com are on this page: https://www.lcps.org/Page/108111


    Latest Remind Notices   My schedule for the year:


    AP Statistics L405




    Pre-calc L405

     6th AP Statistics L405

     Math Resource Center L406




    AP Statistics L405

     8th  Math Resource Center L406

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