• Virginia Scrapbook Project 

    Road Map of VA   

    Did you know that there is a lot of history right here in our home state of Virginia?  Have you ever traveled outside of Ashburn and Loudoun County to see what else is out there?  This project gives students and their families the opportunity to experience history first hand. The Fourth Grade Social Science curriculum focuses on Virginia Studies.  The students will learn about Virginia history throughout the year.  Students will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge by visiting historical sites, either in person or virtually.  Thank you for your support and have fun!

    DUE DATE: 4th Quarter - June 1

    DIRECTIONSStudents will put together a hard copy or digital scrapbook showing different historical locations in Virginia. They can “visit” these sites virtually, or families may visit outdoor historical sites (ones that are open during this time).

    Your project should include:

    • 5 historical sites in Virginia (1 of those locations may be in Washington D.C.)
    • Pictures of the location (pictures of you at the site if you visit in person OR pictures from the website that you “visit”)
    • A narrative explaining the importance of the location.
    • A reflection for each location: What did you learn? What was your favorite part? Would you recommend this location to others? Is this a place you would want to visit in person (if you only saw it virtually)?

    Create your scrapbook using: Google Docs, Google Slides, Adobe Spark, or use a photo album, scapbook or poster paper. (Your teacher will give you further directions on submitting your project as it gets closer to the due date.)






    There are a lot more locations to visit! Be creative and have fun!




Last Modified on September 16, 2021