Wednesday, September 22, 2021
    Supply List

    Our classroom will require certain supplies to get us through the school year.


    1. One-Subject Spiral Notebook or A Composition Book (this will be kept in class and is for Government only)
    2. Something to write with – not red ink.
    3. One item from the wish list below. I broke these down based on your last name. You are free to choose any or all the items, you are not officially assigned an item to buy.
      1. One box of tissues (A-O)
      2. One roll of paper towels (P-V)
      3. Hand Sanitizer (W-Z)
    4. Throughout the year, we will be doing projects and you may need to purchase additional items such as poster board, glue, construction paper, etc. I’ll have limited supplies for you to use in class.

    Optional (but recommended)

    1. Three ring binder.
    2. Colored Pencils/Crayons/Markers
    3. Hi-liters