• The General Assembly of Virginia has recognized the importance of regular attendance by enacting a compulsory school attendance law for persons of school age.  It has also provided penalties for students who absent themselves, for parents and guardians who do not require their children to attend school, and for others who may encourage or induce students to be absent or who employ or harbor absent students.
    Students have a responsibility to attend all scheduled classes and other assigned activities unless excused by the principal.  They should never leave the school building or grounds prior to the dismissal bell without official written permission.

    Absences:  Eagle Ridge Middle School will consider any unconfirmed student absence as unexcused.  A record of all absences that are not confirmed by the parent must be maintained, with specific legal action required by school administrators.  With this in mind, parents must call the absentee line at 571-252-2142 to report their child’s absence or call the main office at 571-252-2140 between 8:30 and 10:00am.  The absentee line is available from 4:00pm until 8:30am during school days and all hours of the weekend.  If it is impossible to call the attendance line or the main office, please send a written excuse or doctor’s note to the house secretary upon the child’s return to school.  Designated school personnel will make telephone checks of students on the daily absentee list.  This action is taken primarily as a safeguard for students and we ask for parents’ cooperation in implementing our attendance policy.  A message left on the absentee line and/or note should include the following information:  full name of student, student’s grade, reason for absence, exact date(s) of absence, and parent’s signature on the note.


    Excused Absences: There are circumstances that may prevent a student’s attendance in school.  Such absences are classified as excused absences for which there is no penalty.  The principal will excuse students who are absent for any of the following reasons:

           (a) personal illness                        

           (b) death in the family              

           (c) medical or dental appointments

           (d) court appearances                   

           (e)  religious holidays


    The principal may excuse students who are absent for any of the following reasons:

            (a) illness in the immediate family which requires the student to be absent

            (b) emergencies

            (c) trips or activities which enhance or extend education


    Parents should call The Absentee Call-In Number (571) 252-2142, indicate their child will be absent for the day, and provide the information below.  If phone contact has not been made, a student, upon return, must report to the house office with a note containing the following information:

             (a) full name of student

             (b) student’s grade

             (c) reason for absence

             (d) exact date(s) of absence

             (e) parents signature


    Tardiness to School: Students who are late to school should report to the main office and then the house office.  Parental or doctor’s notes should be provided explaining the tardiness.  Excessive unexcused tardies will result in disciplinary action.


    Tardiness to Class: Students are given four minutes between classes and are expected to arrive on time.  It is important to be in your seat at the tone.  Continued tardiness will result in disciplinary action.

    Early Dismissals:  Students may be officially released to their parents during the school day.  A parental note should be taken to the house office in the morning indicating reason for and time of dismissal. An early dismissal pass will be given to the student. That pass should be shown to the teacher prior to the student leaving the classroom.  Parents must pick up and sign out their children in the main office.  Upon leaving and returning students should sign out/in in the main office and in the house office. Except in case of emergency, students will not be released between 3:00pm and 3:25pm unless the school is notified in writing or by phone prior to 3:00pm