Interims will be sent home at the midpoint of each nine-week grading period if a student is not achieving at a satisfactory or above level, or if a student’s grade has dropped two letter grades. These interims must be signed by a parent and returned to the teacher.



    Semester examinations will be given to all eighth graders and to any students enrolled in a course for high school credit.  Semester grades will be determined by combining the two nine-week grades and semester examination.



    Parent-teacher conferences are encouraged.  They are an effective means of communicating with parents.  Parents should not hesitate to contact the school and make an appointment for a conference with a teacher, instructional team, and/or counselor.



    To be promoted from grade six to seven and from grade seven to eight, a student must pass a minimum of three of the four basic academic subjects: (1) language arts, (2) social studies, (3) mathematics, (4) science. To be promoted from grade eight to nine, a student must pass the equivalent of four two-semester courses.  Three of the courses must be from the required academic courses: (1) English, (2) mathematics, (3) science, and (4) civics.  One of the courses must come from health and physical education or any elective that is a year course or two one-semester courses.



    Each school year, eighth graders and other students enrolled in certain courses are administered the Standards of Learning (SOL) tests.  The Stanford 10 test is administered to eighth graders in the fall.  The results enable the school to evaluate the total school program as well as identify student strengths and deficiencies.



    Whenever a student is absent, regardless of the reason, a reasonable amount of time, usually consistent with the length of the absence, will be given to make up work missed.  Absent students may chec individual teacher websites to learn about assignments they have missed.  Upon return from an absence the student is responsible for initiating immediate action to make up the work. Upon such request, the teachers will provide to the house secretary assignments, tests, and other work that must be made up and indicate when it is due. Make-up work turned in within the time allowed will be graded on the same basis as other work.  A student must be absent two full days before requesting make-up work. 



    Students are expected to do their own work on all tests, papers, projects, and other work unless otherwise directed.  In accordance with School Board Policy students who turn in another’s work as their own or who assist or give their work to another student shall be given a grade of zero on that work.  The incident shall be reported to the principal and to the parents, and recorded on the student’s disciplinary records. Repeated offenses will result in further disciplinary action.