• The listing of the policies throughout this handbook is not intended to be all-inclusive.  Exact wording of specific policies enacted by the Loudoun County School Board may be found in the Boards Policy Manual (principal’s office and media center) and in the Student’s Rights and Responsibilities handbook (issued to each student).  Violation of school policies may result in the following consequences:



    Students may be assigned Friday or Saturday school by school administrators for violating school rules and regulations.  No transportation is provided.  Parents of the students assigned will be notified.  Students are expected to complete assigned work and otherwise engage themselves academically for the duration of this period while in Saturday school.



    In-school restriction is the temporary, secluded assignment for disciplinary purposes.  Students are expected to complete assigned work.  Failure to meet the requirements of in-school restriction may result in suspension.



    Students may be suspended for behavior that interferes with the education of others, prevents the orderly operation of school, threatens an individual’s physical well being, or violates a rule.  Refer to the Student Rights and Responsibilities handbook for conduct that may constitute cause for removal from school.  Suspension is a serious consequence.



    When expelled, a student is permanently removed from school. Students must be aware of Drug and Weapons Policies for Loudoun County Schools.  These policies are distributed and discussed at the beginning of each school year.


    Behaviors subject to suspension / expulsion (but not limited to):

    • Using, possessing or being under the influence of alcohol while on school property, on school buses, or in connections with any school-sponsored activity;
    • Using, possessing or distributing drugs or drug-related paraphernalia or being under the influence of illegal drugs while on school property, on school buses, or in connection with any school activity;
    • Provoking or participating in a fight;
    • Participating in gambling activities of any kind;
    • Harassing, intimidating or participating in gang-type activities or harassment based upon race, religion, ethnic origin, gender or ability;
    • Using or possessing tobacco products;
    • Violating the weapons policy.