• Each student will be expected to:

    • Attend each class and be in the scheduled area at all times;
    • Come prepared for class with appropriate materials;
    • Walk while in the building;
    • Respond appropriately in class and demonstrate proper behavior;
    • Accept responsibility for poor decisions;
    • Exhibit safe behaviors;
    • Demonstrate appropriate relations;
    • Refrain from selling any items in school unless approved;
    • Follow the same rules traveling to/from school that are followed in school;
    • Use of beepers, pagers and cell phones are prohibited during school hours and after school activities.  Avoid the possession of laser pens;
    • Follow Loudoun County Public Schools drug and weapons policies;
    • The penalty for violation of the drug or weapons policy is removal from Eagle Ridge Middle School;
    • Act in a manner that will make school a better place for everybody.



    The listing of the policies throughout this handbook is not intended to be all inclusive.  Students should review the Student’s Rights and Responsibilities (SR&R) handbook (issued to each student) for complete information.  Exact wording of policies can be found in the Board’s Policy Manual (online or from the principal’s office or school media center).  Note that violations of school policies could result in a range of disciplinary consequences including, but not limited to, the following:


    Lunch Detention/After School Detention:  Students eat lunch in a designated area outside of the general cafeteria area.  After School Detention involves students staying after school on a designated day.  Students are expected to complete assignments and/or participate in school service projects during the after school time.


    In-School Restriction:  In-School Restriction (ISR) involves temporarily removing a student from classes and regular school day activities for disciplinary purposes.  Students are expected to complete assigned work and/or participate in school service projects.  Failure to meet the requirements of ISR may result in suspension.


    Suspension:  Students may be suspended from school for behavior that interferes with the education of others, prevents the orderly operation of school, threatens an individual’s physical well being, or violates a rule.  Refer to the SR&R handbook for conduct that may be considered  reasons for suspension.


    Expulsion:  A student is permanently removed from school for at least one calendar year.


    Students and parents are encouraged to pay special attention to the Drug and Weapon policies found in the SR&R.


    The items listed above are not all inclusive, but are intended to serve as a general guide for student behavior.