Student Dress and Grooming


    Student Attire: The primary responsibility for proper attire and grooming of students rests with the parent of each student. However, the school has the responsibility to see that students do not present a health or safety risk to themselves or other students.  The attire and grooming of students should not prevent them from performing regular required school activities, and should not cause a disruption of the orderly functioning of school and the learning environment. Remember also, the more casual the attire, the more casual the attitude toward school. Students who do not meet the dress code will be given alternate appropriate apparel. If there is a reoccurrence of dress code violations, parents will be notified and disciplinary action will be taken. With this in mind, the following rules will be in effect at Eagle Ridge: 




    • Must cover the midriff
    • Must have straps greater than one inch wide
    • Must cover undergarments and private areas



    • Must adequately cover appropriate areas of the body (our guideline is that the garment should be the length of student’s longest fingertip when arm is held straight by the body). Be sure to consider all activities throughout the school day when determining if a length of shorts or skirts is appropriate
    • Must cover undergarments and private areas


    No clothing with obscene/vulgar/inappropriate language or symbols: Smoking,  weapons, cigarette, drug, or alcohol logos; undergarments worn as outer garments or undergarments exposed; or chains and/or studded jewelry.  This includes any clothing determined by an administrator to be disruptive.


    Headgear: No headgear permitted including hats, bandannas (on males and females), stockings, etc.  Any headgear worn into the building will be taken by an adult then given to an administrator, and will be available to be picked up after school.  Repeated incidences of wearing headgear into the building will result in disciplinary action.


    Coats: Students should store winter coats and heavy jackets in their locker during the regular school day, and can bring a sweater or sweatshirt for cooler areas of the building. 



    In addition, dress code decisions are at the discretion of the principal or their designee.