• School Nurse:  The school has a registered nurse on staff for administering first aid and prescription medication.  Students who become ill should request permission to see the nurse, get a pass from a staff member and sign out in the house office (emergencies can be an exception).  The nurse will determine what course of action is appropriate. 


    Medication (prescription and over the counter):  Parents of students who require medication are requested to administer such medication at home.  If students must take medication while at school, parents must supply medication in the original container with written instructions from the attending physician stating dosage, type of medication, and how it is to be administered.  STUDENTS ARE NOT PERMITTED TO TRANSPORT MEDICATION TO AND FROM SCHOOL.  ALL MEDICATIONS MUST BE KEPT IN THE CLINIC.


    Emergency Drills:  Fire drills for the building are held each month (during the school year) except for September when one is held each week.  Proper procedure for evacuation is reviewed throughout the school year.  A tornado drill is held one time per year.  Code Blue lockdown drills are practiced throughout the year.  Evacuation drills for buses are also practiced.


    Parking and Parent Drop Off/Pick up of Students:  The driveway in front of the school is reserved for school buses only and should remain free of automobile traffic.  All visitors should use the parking lot to the right of the school.  The drop off/pick up area is located adjacent to the side of the building.  Students should not walk through the parking lot unless escorted by an adult.  Parents are expected to follow the designated traffic pattern and are encouraged to have their students ride the bus in inclement weather.


    Walkers:  Students designated as walkers are expected to stay on sidewalks and to follow all traffic safety signals.  Students are prohibited from crossing four lane roads except through tunnels or via established cross walks