Nine-Week Plans Q2 2019-2020



    Re-testing Policy:


    Students are welcome to re-test on any playing quiz, provided the following circumstances are met:

    • The student has completed the playing quiz and it has been graded.
    • The student and parent have read the comments on StudentVue for that assignment (usually in the form of "Work on: correct rhythms")
    • The student is able to communicate to the teacher what the comments are and what he or she has done AT HOME to work on the issues in the comments.


    After students meet the above criteria, a re-test can be scheduled before or after school on days their teacher is present. Re-tests will not be conducted during class instructional time. 


    Additionally, there are criteria to be met in accordance with school policy that will apply to Band:

    • Students who earn a grade of 80% or higher on an assessment are not eligible for re-testing on that assessment
    • Students who earn a grade between 70% and 79% on an assessment are eligible for an optional re-test on that assessment, but the maximum score that can be earned on the re-take is 80%
    • Students who earn a grade below 70% should re-take that assessment in a timely manner. Their maximum score that can be earned on the re-take is 80%. 
    • Any single assessment may be re-taken for a grade only once.
Last Modified on November 5, 2019