• Reading log attachment will be here as of October - Please note that the reading log is different each quarter.

    As of October 2, students should read nightly and complete a reading log.  The reading log only needs to list one of the books that they read each night (assuming that they are reading more than one book per night).  Ideally, it would be wonderful if your child can read to someone that is older than them (a parent, babysitter, nanny, older sibling, etc.) so that there can be some discussion about what is being read.  A sight word list for each quarter is available on my webpage to help students read at home.  A new reading log will be sent home each week and should be completed and turned in every Friday (the link above is an electronic copy of the reading log paper in case anyone needs an extra copy at home). 
    In addition to the reading log homework, students that are struggling to complete their word study activities in class will need to complete their designated activity for the day in order to ensure they are getting enough practice learning their words each week.  ONLY STUDENTS THAT DO NOT FINISH THEIR WORK IN CLASS WILL HAVE WORD STUDY AS THEIR HOMEWORK.  The following are the designated activities for each morning:
    • Mondays: written sort
    • Tuesdays: draw and label 8 words
    • Wednesdays: write 3 sentences
    • Thursdays: blind sort with a partner
    • Fridays: glue sort before taking the test

    Additional homework opportunities can be found under my websites for practice tab.

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