• Mrs. Jennifer Amores-Kalich      
    Fall 2019 will be my 19th year of teaching and my
     7th year at Eagle Ridge . . . Awesome !


                *      *      *      *       * 


    Long before joining LCPS, I started my teaching
    career in Blacksburg, Virginia where I 
    attended Virginia Tech for
    undergraduate and post-graduate

    studies.   Va Tech Hokies Rock ! ! ! !

    My professional career did not start in
    a public school . . .  my
     very first "real job" after
    Educational Programs Assistant
    at the National Zoo in Washington, DC.
    Later, I served in various roles in the Metro DC area.  I
    learned about the business world and quickly climbed
    the "Corporate Ladder" as an HR Manager , Director
    of HR , and other variations of upper management . . .

    However, I knew I truly belonged back in EDUCATION.

    Now that you know my professional background,
    I hope you get a chance 
    to know me as a member
    of the Eagle Ridge Team!

    Jennifer Amores-Kalich, M. Ed.
    Math Teacher 


    Mrs. Kalich
      Please bring headphones or  
     earbuds with your DEVICE
     to class ... Thanks Very Much !

              Mrs.  Kalich's  Schedule
    A1   Accel Math          B5  Accel Math

    A2   Accel Math          B6  Accel Math
    A3   Accel Math          B7  Accel Math

               A 4  &  B 8   Planning and/or
                                    Team Mtgs

    Please carefully read the attached
    PDF for the 
    Eagle Ridge Math Department
    guidelines / policy 
    regarding "grading"
    and "retaking a Unit Test."

    Please note that we
    do   NOT  retake any quizzes.

    Grading and ReTake or ReTest

    Students can find a summary of activities in 
    Google Classroom. Students also have a specific
    "Accel Math for Kalich Students 2018 to 2019"
    folder in their "Share with Me" GoogleDrive
    which has most of our resources we use in class.

    Homework assignments, test and quiz dates  
    are posted on their Google Calendar.

    Grades are posted in PHOENIX.
      grades are NOT in GoogleClassroom