Helpful Tips for Parents
    Establish an at-home routine with your child after school during the first few weeks of school.  This means that your child should know what needs to be done when they get home everyday. Designate a place for your child to put their take home folders, library books and homework so that you can look over it each day. You might even consider a "Homework Spot" this will be the place where your child completes their homework, which in Kindergarten is being read to and practicing sight words.  Kindergarten students are capable of  putting their folders, lunch box, library books, and other items for school into their backpacks.  
     Example of Home School Spot
    This is a great way to keep your child's things organized at home. Students can be in charge of taking folders out of their backpacks and putting them in a "special spot." This will help both you and your child stay organized!
    How can you help your child read?
    • Alternate between you reading and your child reading.
    • Ask your child "Wh" questions after reading a story.  (Who was in the story, what happened, where did the story take place, why did the character (name an event from the story))
    • Suggest to your child to have them read to a sibling, a pet, or their favorite stuffed animal.
    How can you help your child with math?
    • Count by 1s, 5s, and 10s
    • Count a group of items
    • Create patterns 
    • Practice counting backwards from 10
    • Practice counting from a random number above 10
    • Write  numbers 1-100
    What are other things Kindergarten students should know?

    ·         How to spell their first name

    ·         How to zip a coat

    ·         Their home address, phone number, birthday and parent’s names

    ·         How to work with scissors

    If your child struggles with these skills, please practice them at home. 



Last Modified on June 8, 2020