Cedar Lane Library Guidelines

    Check Out Rules
    Kindergarten students may check out 2 books per week.
    First grade students can check out 2 books per week. These students will be encouraged to find a book that they can read independantly and also a book free of choice.
    Second grade students may check out 2 books.  Once they have had the introduction lesson on magazines, they may check out 2 books plus a magazine.
    Third, fourth, and fifth grade students may check out 3 books/magazines.
    Parents may also use our library and check out library resources!  Please stop by the library or contact Mrs. Smith or Ms. Doan to set up a library account!  We welcome you! 
    **Students may check out extra books for class projects.** 
    Third, fourth and fifth grade students may check out Playaway audio books only after they have attended the Playaway Club training sessions and passed a test on responsibility.  There are two parts to the responsibility test: (1) Practicing proper care and return of a playaway; (2) Passing an actual test on the rules and procedures of the club.
    The check out period for a book is two weeks for parents, students, volunteers, and other community members.
    Overdue notices will be printed and distributed on a regular basis.  Notification of replacement cost will be sent home for materials that are claimed to be lost or damaged beyond repair.  Money paid for damaged or lost materials will be deposited in the Lost/Damaged Book Account.  A replacement copy will be purchased.  If the exact book is no longer in print, a similar book will be purchased.  If a lost book is found after payment is made, a refund can only be given if a replacement book has not been purchased. 
    A book can be renewed when the student brings it back to the library to be rescanned.  It may be kept for another week.  EXCEPTION TO THE RULE:  If a waiting list request has been placed on a book by another student, the book cannot be renewed.
    Requests for Reconsideration
    Objections to instructional materials shall be considered objectively under the procedure set forth in Loudoun County Public Schools' Regulations for the Selection and Review of Library Instructional Materials. The principle of intellectual freedom inherent in the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, the best interests of the students, school, and curriculum, and requirements of state law and regulations shall underlie all considerations of challenged materials.  An online Reconsideration of Instructional Materials Request may be found here.