• Welcome to Music at Hillsboro Charter Academy!


        Our musical activities in Loudoun County center around four general areas: singing, playing instruments, listening and moving. Since the voice is everyone's own personal instrument, a major emphasis is placed on the development of every child's singing voice. Students in grades 1st - 5th receive one fifty minute period of music per week. Students will also incorporate music into project based learning every week. Our Loudoun County Music Curriculum is aligned with the National Standards of Art Education. 


    Each music lesson and activity is carefully chosen to teach the Virginia and National Standards of Music set forth below:

    • Singing a varied repertoire of music
    • Performing on instruments
    • Improvising melodies, variations, and accompaniments
    • Composing and arranging music within specific guidelines
    • Reading and notating music
    • Listening to, analyzing, and describing music
    • Evaluating music and music performances
    • Understanding relationships between music, the arts, and disciplines outside the arts
    • Understanding music in relation to history and culture