• Have a wonderful summer vacation!  Below are some suggestions for academic practice during Summer break.


    * Visit your local library. The Ashburn library offers a great summer reading program. Stop by and sign up at the library today!


    * Make a Summer journal. You can make one using construction paper, old file folders, or you can buy an inexpensive notebook at the store. You can draw pictures to document what you did or take photographs. Below each picture write a sentence (or more) about the picture. Remember to write the date on your page; you will look back at this when you're older!


    * Practice the pages in the homework packet your teacher gave you. This will strengthen the skills you already have to prepare you for first grade.


    * Read, Read and Read. Read to somebody at home and ask them to read to you. When finished tell (or write) about your favorite characters.


    * Review your sight words


    * LCPS Go learning games and activities



Last Modified on June 3, 2020