• Click here to go to the SAFARI Montage Login page.
    How to Log In

    Step 1:  Click above to go to login screen

    Step 2: Enter username and password (same as the staff member’s login for the Instructional Network). Students use your student ID and password just as you would to login to your computer.

    Step 3:  Click ‘Log in’.

    How to Navigate
    Once logged in, the Dashboard—main page for playing videos—is visible.  Here you can view videos as well as see all of your play lists, school play lists, school news, and the last videos you played.
    Main Navigation Bar (Header)

    Located above the Dashboard, the main navigation bar or header will be visible at the top of the page.  All the buttons necessary to navigate through all SAFARI MONTAGE operations are located here.

    A few noteworthy details about SAFARI MONTAGE: 

    • To utilize Permanent Links feature, you must also be logged into SAFARI Montage on the same computer from which you are presenting.
    • Please note that copyright and licensing compliance of SAFARI Montage material forbids any copying, file sharing, or use of video and/or audio-visual materials from SAFARI MONTAGE outside the software.


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Last Modified on September 17, 2015