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Loudoun County

Public Schools

Pupil Transportation Handbook

Acknowledgement of Receipt

  Absence Without Approved Leave
  Administrative Leave
  Annual Leave
  Family Medical Leave
  Jury Duty or Subpoenaed Witness
  Leave Without Pay
  Personal Leave
  Sick Leave
  Workers Compensation

Accident Review Panel

Accidents and Breakdowns
  What To Do In An Accident


Appeals and Grievances

Assignment Procedures

Authorized and Unauthorized Stops/Changes

Authorized Persons on Buses

Banned and Restricted Roads

Bus Maintenance
  Cold Weather Starts
  Field Inspections
  No Start
  Other Mechanical Problems
  Other Tips
  Scheduled Maintenance, Inspections, Service Procedures at Central Garage and Valley Service Center

Cancellation, Delayed Opening, Early Closing

Cell Phones

  Cable Chains
  On-Spot Chains

Checking Buses for Students

Child Abuse or Neglect

Children/Grandchildren of Drivers/Attendants

  Benefited Positions
  Benefited Substitute Driver or Attendant
  Non-Benefited Substitute Driver or Attendant


Crossing Gate and Stop Arm


Disciplinary Actions
  Prohibited Conduct
  Recommendation for Termination
  Types of Disciplinary Action

Dress Code

Driving Records
  DMV Regulations
  Moving Violations
  New Hires

Drug and Alcohol
  Drug and Alcohol
  Random Alcohol/Drug Testing
  Reasonable Suspicion


Emergency Vehicles

Employee Assistance Program and Work/Life Program

End of Year Check in Procedures

  Evacuation Procedures
  Evacuations - Other Areas
  Reasons for Evacuations


Evening/Weekend Emergencies

Field Trips
  Field Trips
  Departure Time and Location
  Discipline of Students
  Driver Responsibilities on Field Trips
  Drivers Assigned to Field Trip Office
  Drivers Not Assigned to Field Trip Office
  Drivers Children or Grandchildren on Trip
  Emergency Equipment and Evacuation Procedures
  EZPass Transponders and Tolls
  Food and Drinks on Field Trip Buses
  Parking, Loading, and Unloading Passengers

Flexible Benefit Plans

Food and Drinks on Buses

Fueling Procedures


ID Badges

Idling Buses

Income Protection
  Family Sick Leave Bank
  Long-Term Disability
  Short-Term Disability

  Basic Group Term Life Insurance/Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  Optional Group Term Life Insurance

  Hazard Lights
  Strobe Lights

Operating Buses in a Safe Manner
  Air Brake Pump Down
  Bus Aisles
  Buses Traveling
  Stickers, Posters, Decorations, Etc. Inside/Outside the Bus

Parking Responsibilities and Location

Passing Stopped School Buses

Picking Up and Dropping Off Students

Pre-Trip Inspections
  Attendants Pre-Trip Inspections
  Drivers Pre-Trip Inspections


Qualifications to Remain a Driver or Attendant
  CDL License
  In-Service Meetings
  Physical and Mental Qualifications

Radio Use

Railroad Crossings

Recertification Training

Resignations and Terminations

Responsibilities of Drivers/Attendants
  Responsibilities of Attendants
  Responsibilities of Drivers


Route Postings and Other Opportunities
  Route Postings
  Other Opportunities

Route Sheets

Severe Weather

Social Media

Special Needs Equipment

Speed Limits

Student Conduct

Student Injuries and Illnesses
  Student Illnesses
  Student Injuries

Summer School

Three-Point Restraints (Seat Belts)

Tobacco and Electronic Cigarettes

Transportation Payroll
  Completing Timesheets
  Submitting Timesheets
  Pay Checks

Transportation Times

Transportation Web Page


Video-Audio Surveillance Systems
  Care of Unit
  Video-Audio Surveillance Systems

Last Modified on August 28, 2015

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