• Career Counseling


    During the school year in the Communications class, students will be working on various job/career exploration and awareness activities.  Please talk with your student about what they are learning about themselves in relation to career choices. 


    You may find the follow article about career exploration interesting:

    Recipes and Equations for Career Satisfaction


    You may find the follow websites about careers exploration helpful:

    Remember:  There are hundreds of resources in this arena; here are a few. Keep in mind that some Web sites are free and others are profit-driven. As always, when surfing the Web for information and resources, beware of how easy it is to reach for your credit card.


    The College Board provides extensive information related to college preparation, SAT I, SAT II, scholarship searches and more.


    A site with information on planning a career, selecting a school and paying for college. 


    This site has a free personality/temperament test as well as other interesting information.