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  • High School Alternative Education Program

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    The High School Alternative Education Program (AEP)

    All students enrolled in Loudoun County Public High Schools are eligible to attend the Douglass School’s AEP program.  Referrals are typically made through the student’s home school guidance counselor and/or administrator, directly to our principal, Mrs.Stacie Ahrens-Mininberg. Students are enrolled in three 90-minute classes plus one 45-minute class each eighteen weeks, which is a modified block scheduling arrangement.  We do not follow an A and B day schedule, students will complete a semester in the three 90-minute courses, and a quarter in the 45-minute class.  The classes run on this schedule for the entire year and at the end of a year at Douglass, students will have earned seven credits toward a diploma. The block scheduling format plus smaller class sizes of approximately 12 to 15 students per class offers an alternative way to succeed in school.  This voluntary program currently serves over 160 students who come from all areas of Loudoun County.  The instructional program follows the Loudoun County Public Schools course content and requirements, and students earn a regular high school diploma. Elective classes are offered at Douglass in Business, Spanish, Art, English options Public Speaking, 21st Century Literature), and Social Studies options (Global Social Issues, Psychology).  The high school counselor’s role is to assist the students in program planning, social and emotional counseling, and career and college readiness. Assistance with study skills, time management, and decision making are also offered. Small groups are available for students that may desire assistance in particular areas.