• Computer / Vision / Clarity Password Reset Site

    1.     Click the link below to register and or reset your password:


    2.     Log into the site with your LEAD username

    3.     Enter your (current) password on the next screen (registering only works if you know your password)

    4.     Complete your Q & A profile.

    5.     Click go to home page

    6.     Enter your username again

    7.     Click “Manage my Passwords

    8.     Enter your current password first.

    9.     On the next screen, enter your new password and confirm it. (if you want to reset it at the same time)

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    10.   If, in the future you forget your password, you can return to this site and choose the
             "Forgot My Password" option.
    11.   Just answer your questions to regain access and reset your password.
    12.   Your new password must meet the requirements of the password policy:

    • Cannot contain all or part of your username
    • Must contain characters from 3 of the following 4 categories:


      • English uppercase characters (A through Z)
      • English lowercase characters (a through z)
      • Numerals (0 through 9)
      • Non-alphabetic characters (such as !, $, #, %)

    • The password must be a minimum length of characters long
    • You cannot re-use any of your last 24 passwords

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