• Advanced Marketing
             PPT Slides and Assignments/Projects
       Quarter 4
    April 19 and 21:  Students worked independently to prepare for DECA National competitions or school store lab
     April 24:  Belote with students competiting in National DECA competitions.  Students viewed We are Marshall and identified leadership styles and skills of various characters within the film and applied these styles to management styles.  50 points  
    April 29:  Substitute in for Belote.  Students viewed video on Diversity and identified key factors required by management to create a workplace that embraces diversity.  Video notes  50 Points
    May 3:   Marketing Research
    May 5:  PPT Lesson  Management PPT  Class lecture and discussion on management structures and the functions of management.  Students worked in small group to complete assignment on last slide of PPT lesson.  50 points
    May 13:  PPT Lesson- Legal and Ethical Aspects of Personnel Management- Lesson and discussion on aspects of personnel management.  Reviewed laws and regulations.  Students will apply this information through class discussion and participation  50 Points
    May 13-25Developing A Career PPT-  
     Review slides from the above PPT Lesson regarding developing/updating resume.  Complete Resume Activity.  Samples and Format Instructions available in hard copy from classroom.  Due end of class 50 Points
     Review slides from the above PPT Lesson regarding updating cover letter.  Complete Cover Letter Activity.  Samples and format available in hard copy from classroom.  Due end of class.  50 Points
     Review slides from above PPT Lesson regarding Interviewing.  Complete Interview Activity of 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions and 5 Questions that Interviewees should ask the Prospective Employer. 30 Points for Frequently Asked Questions and 20 Points for Questions the Interviewee would ask.  Total 50 Points.
    May 30th:  Memorial Day Holiday
    June 1- Professional Development and School Store 
    June 3- Last Day for Seniors Who Are Exempt from Quarter 4 Assessment
    June 6- Senior Field Trip (A Day)
    June 7- Awards Ceremony and  School Carnival
    Congratulations Seniors!  Best of luck in all of your future endeavors! 
Last Modified on May 17, 2016