• Power Point Slides and Projects/Assignments- Quarter 4
      April                  Marketing Research (part I) PPT Lecture
                               Assignment:  Students complete a marketing research project as outlined in above PPT presentation.
                               Due:  May May 14, 2013  (100 Points)
     May 8, 2013:  Continue with Marketing research survey.  Due May 13, 2013.  50 Points.
    May 13- May 31:  Career Portfolio Project
    Due Dates: 
    • All components of Self- Analysis section completed and turned in by Friday, May 17th
    • All components of Identifying and Researching Career Interest completed and turned in by Tuesday, May 21st
    • All components of Securing Employment by May 28th
    • Personal Marketing Plan PPT completed by May 31st (Seniors will NOT make an oral presentation of their plan)
    • Oral Presentation/PPT of Personal Marketing Plan delivered on Exam Day.  This counts as the Final Exam
    • Any seniors who are required to take a Marketing I exam will take a written exam on June 3 or 4th.
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