• Five for Life  five
    This year Liberty Elementary School will continue to participate in the Five for Life program.  The Five for Life Program is a research-based, K-12 fitness and health program that aligns with physical education and health standards. Using age appropriate academic instructional units in an activity based setting, the Five for Life Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Programs move students through a continuum of learning without compromising activity time for students.  Additionally, each program includes measurement tools that allow students to assess their fitness levels and gauge improvements through the use of periodic self-evaluation, which include a baseline measurement, goal setting and a post measurement phase.  Students will be able to meet the program goal through these objectives:
    • Identify and perform activities that will maintain and develop the five components of fitness

    • Understand basic nutrition and how it affects health, performance and appearance

    • Understand the location and function of major bones and muscles

    • Understand and perform fitness measurements to improve and maintain fitness levels

    • Set realistic goals for improvement in the five components of fitness

    • Manage personal health habit information through the use of activity, diet, hydration, and sleep logs

    • Identify safety concerns associated with a variety of activities