• Field Day
    Field Day Fun
    and Safety


    As field day approaches, we want to remind you of summer outdoor health and safety guidelines.
    Before sending your child to school on field day please remember to:
    • protect your child with sunscreen, SPF 15 or greater (apply at home) and
    • insect repellent (apply at home)
    • have them dress in cool clothing
    • send them with a hat or cap to protect their heads
    • send them with a water bottle


    Heat Emergencies
    Heat Cramp is a painful muscle spasm in the legs or abdomen in hot weather. It is usually the first sign that your body is having trouble with its ability to regulate heat.


    Heat Exhaustion is a more severe condition.  It often affects athletes, or those physically active in the heat. It may also be seen in people with prolonged exposure to hot, humid conditions. Signs and symptoms include: exhaustion, weakness, dizziness, heavy perspiration, rapid and shallow breathing, and pale or flushed skin.


    Heat Stroke is the most severe heat emergency and is potentially life threatening. Signs and symptoms of heat stroke include: hot and dry skin, no perspiration, weakness, rapid pulse and shallow breathing, a high body temp, and changes in consciousness.


    Treatments of these conditions are similar and consist of:


    »        Removing the person to a cool area.

    »        Loosen clothing and remove the outer layer.

    »        If awake, give cool water.

    »        Apply wet towels to area of cramping, or to help reduce fever if skin is hot and dry.

    »        If the person becomes drowsy, unconscious, or begins to vomit seek medical care immediately