• Forensics:
    from the Latin "forensis" meaning "of or before the forum."

    "The forum was a publick place in Rome, where lawyers and orators made their speeches before the proper judges in matters of property, or in criminal cases: thence all sorts of disputations in courts of justice, where several persons make their distinct speeches, may come under the name of forensick disputes.'
    Thus a forensic dispute was a legal dispute, a forensic term meant a legal term,
    forensic skills were those of lawyers."
                                                            from Isaac Watts's 'Improvement of the Mind'
    Forensics is competitive public speaking.
    Students select material for individual performances and prepare for competition.
    Categories include areas such as dramatic performance, formal speeches,
    impromptu speaking, poetry, and storytelling.

    Forensics is a Virginia High School League sport. Students may earn a letter in Forensics.
    8th graders from Riverbend Middle School are eligible to join and compete with the team though they cannot attend meetings. Individual practice times are arranged around student schedules.
    Points earned are applied toward a PFHS varsity letter.


    Please contact Mrs. McDermott at: kathleen.mcdermott@lcps.org   with any questions or concerns.