• BIG QUESTION  Activities- April & May 2015
    1.  Monday, April 20, 2015 & Tuesday, April 21, 2015:  Students will complete the BQ graphic organizer that will be used to create their BQ Collages and BQ Wordles.  Students will also receive the rubrics for the BQ assignments.
    **** Homework: Construction Paper, Pictures/Images
    2. Students will  put their collages together in class.  Students will also create their BQ Wordles in class on April 22, 2015 & April 23, 2015.  These assignments MUST be finished in class during this class session!!!
    3. BQ Collage/Wordle Presentations- students will present their BIG QUESTION Collage to the class (Active Listening Skills- students must take notes on 5 different BQ Presentations).
    3.MLA Practice- What do in-text citations look like?  Are there any MLA requirements for this MAJOR assignment?
    4. Review the BIG QUESTION Scoring Rubric- what does my teacher expect?  Will other teachers be grading my final product? YES
    ****** Writing Workshop in class on April 24, 2015 & April 27, 2015-- We will complete the Artifacts Write-Up during class.
    5. When should I turn my final draft in? WINDOW May 8, 2015- May 13, 2015.  On line (turnitin.com) and a hard (printed) copy. 
    6. How many pages? 8-10
    7.  How many artifacts? 12      **** your paper must discuss 10 artifacts    **** Does the title page count as one of the pages? NO!!   Do I have to have works cited page?
Last Modified on April 20, 2015