• Library Days:
    Kindergarten - 
    1st Grade - Wednesday
    2nd Grade - 
    3rd Grade - Tuesday
    4th Grade - Friday
    5th Grade - 
    Kindergarten comes to the library for 30 minutes each week.
    Grades 1-5 come for 45 minutes.
    Classes generally get 15 minutes during this time to select books to check out.
    Students, staff, and parents may check out during their class check out time or any time a class is not in session.
    Students may take up to 5 books at a time (though we start Kindergarten at 3).  If they have 5 out, we will let them check out one at a time until they have 10 books out, at which point we will ask them to return their books before taking more.  Students will always be able to access materials necessary for class assignments.
    Checked out items become overdue after 2 weeks.  We tell students at their checkout time if they have overdue books, and offer a printed list as a reminder.  We send overdue notices home at the end of each quarter.
    We do not fine for overdue books, but students will be charged for lost or damaged items.