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  • Important Start of School Information

  • Loudoun County Public Schools is working to reduce the amount of paper forms generated and sent home for signature. To that end, a number of enhancements have been made to ParentVUE to facilitate opt-in, opt-out acknowledgements and the ability to update important information. 

    Parents can log into ParentVUE to acknowledge documents and update information electronically.  This method will be used to reduce the number of papers sent home on the first day of school. 

    If you do not have a ParentVUE account, you should contact the school of your youngest child to request an Activation Letter. 

    Beginning Monday, August 12th, parents can update the following information in ParentVue. Please note, the mobile app version of ParentVUE does not offer full capabilities, so you should use the website version, If you have questions concerning the use of ParentVue, please click here to view ParentVue Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What forms should I acknowledge in ParentVUE?

  • Am I required to acknowledge the receipt of 2019-2020 Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook?

    Acknowledgement of the 2019-20 Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook is required for every student.

    Beginning Monday, August 12th, parents can electronically acknowledge
    the Students Rights and Responsibilities Handbook through ParentVUE. (To electronically acknowledge the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook, a pdf must be downloaded.) Please note, the mobile app version of ParentVUE does not offer full capabilities, so you should use the website version, . 

    View the ParentVUE Quick Tips for Acknowledging the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook in English or Spanish.

  • What important information can I update electronically through ParentVue?

    Beginning Monday, August 12th, parents can update the information in ParentVue. Please note, the mobile app version of ParentVUE does not offer full capabilities, so you should use the website version, 

    View the ParentVUE Quick Tips for Updating Student Information in English or Spanish.
    We encourage you to update this information in ParentVue: 
    • Student and Physician Information (please review and update) 



    • Emergency contacts (please review and update information if necessary) 

    • Health concerns/conditions (please review and update information if necessary) 

    • Opt-Out, Opt-In functions, and Military Connection Status  


      • Military Recruiting Opt Out. The Every Student Succeeds Act requires school districts to release student names, addresses and telephone numbers to military recruiters upon their request. The law requires school districts to notify student and parents of their right to opt out of having this information released. 

      • Family Life Education Opt Out (for more information see Family Life Education)

      • Weather Opt Out. LCPS utilizes the BlackboardConnect Phone Messaging System to personally communicate with parents about emergency situations, school events and important issues affecting your child. If you choose to opt-out of this system, you grant permission for your child to be removed from the "Weather-related" Closing and Delay messages ONLY and you understand you will still be entered into the system for emergency and outreach messages

      • Release of student contact information to non-school officials Opt In. This is in response to a state law that allows the release of directory information to elected officials and other non-school entities who may use this information to distribute congratulatory letters

      • Military Connected Status. Identification of newly-enrolled uniformed services-connected students (Military Connection) is a new requirement based on legislation passed by the Virginia General Assembly in 2015 (HB 2373 and SB 1354). While the legislation requires data collection for only newly-enrolled students, the Department of Education is encouraging school districts to collect this data for all students. This data, which does not identify individual students, is reported annually to the state.

      • Photo/Video and Art Media Opt-outs Parents/guardians may elect to not have their child's photographed or videotaped for use in media and may further request that no individual pictures be used in the school yearbook and that the child not be a part of the classroom photographs.



    • Emergency Dismissal/Early Release (please update)


    • Standard After School Dismissal Plan Complete this section only if your child's school requests it. Complete the Weekday Dismissal section if your child is dismissed the same way every day. Provide the Daycare Name if applicable.


    • Daily Plan section Complete this section if your child's dismissal plan differs for one or more days during the week. Complete the information for every day of the week.


What other optional forms are available?

  • Should I fill out the McKinney-Vento Form? (Housing Determination Form)

    Loudoun County Public Schools uses the McKinney-Vento form to determine enrollment eligibility for families that do not have a current mortgage or active lease in their name

    McKinney-Vento Application (Housing Determination Form) 

    Solicitud de McKinney-Vento (Formulario de Determinación de Situación de Vivienda)


  • Does my student qualify for free and reduced lunch?

    Children from households that meet federal income guidelines are eligible for either free or reduced-price school meals. Reduced eligible children eat breakfast and/or lunch at no cost to the family. Read more about free and reduced meal eligibility. Families may complete an online application.  


    Please contact School Nutrition for information regarding menus, special diets, food allergies, meal applications, nutrition education, school garden resources, and more. You can visit us at or follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook at @LCPSCafe.


  • Is there a health insurance program for uninsured children?

    FAMIS is Virginia’s health insurance program for uninsured children. 

  • Is student accident insurance available through LCPS?

    LCPS does not provide medical or accident insurance for students injured while participating in school activities. 

    But it does offer voluntary student accident insurance through K&K Insurance.

    Learn more about Student Accident Insurance.

  • Does LCPS offer personal property insurance for students' and employees' personal property brought to school?

    Loudoun County Public Schools' insurance does not provide coverage for students' and employees' personal property brought to school. 
    Each year the LCPS Procurement/Risk Management Office receives claims where school students and employees have lost valuable personal property brought to school. Every type of personal property is subject to loss by accident, theft, or vandalism. Examples of personal property include: iPods, iPads, cell phones, smart phones, cameras, tablets, lap top computers, etc.

    The Worth Avenue Group has been providing insurance programs to thousands of students and staff across the country since 1971. Their personal property insurance plans have been utilized by many colleges and universities and have been made available to public school students, faculty, and staff nationwide. Click here for information provided by Worth Avenue Group insurance English, en Enspañol 


What do parents need to know?

  • When does school start?

    School begins on Thursday, August 22.

    Loudoun County Public Schools operates on a fixed calendar. That means there will be no days added to the school year or vacations altered because of inclement weather.


  • How do I find out who my child's teacher is?

    Schools will release class schedules and teacher assignments between August 12-19.  Schools will communicate with their families when that information becomes available.

  • Which school bus is my child riding this year?

    Bus route information for the 2019–2020 school year will be posted in ParentVUE on August 12, 2019. It is posted in this manner to maintain the safety of students. 

    If you have ParentVUE questions please contact your school or visit the ParentVUE home page which contains Quick Reference Guides, Frequently Asked Questions, and videos at, 

    For students attending the Academies of Loudoun for the 2019-2020 school year, a separate Connect Ed email will be sent with specific Transportation Information.  This information will not be posted in ParentVUE. 

  • Can I prepay for my child's lunch?

    My School Bucks allows parents to create a free account to make school lunch payments. It allows parents to check cafeteria balances and purchases and receive low-balance alerts.


  • Can I pay for my student's fees online?

    Processing fees have been eliminated for three expenses that parents regularly pay online with credit cards: meal charges, athletic fees and student parking.

    As of July 1, Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) is picking up the processing fee so that parents pay only for their students’ expenses. In the past online credit-card transactions carried a 4 percent processing fee or a $3 per transaction fee.

    The no-fee policy involves credit-card transactions made through the My School Bucks, where parents place money in students’ meal accounts, and the Online School Payments portal, which allows credit-card payments of athletic and parking fees.

    Besides improving convenience and decreasing expense for parents, eliminating the fees will streamline transactions, improve accuracy and reduce the amount of time devoted by school staff accepting and processing payments as part of LCPS’ commitment to continuous improvement.

    In addition, all LCPS schools and departments will be accepting payments for school activities online. The types of payments parents can make online will vary from school to school.   

    Credit-card readers are now available at all middle and high schools for parents who wish to make their payments in person rather than online. A transaction fee will apply to school-based credit-card transactions. 


    Instructions for using the Online School Payments Portal 


    You will need your student’s ID number and a major credit card to create an account. 


    To pay fees, such as parking or athletic fees, online, please select your school from this site,


    If this is your first time using Online School Payments (OSP), please use the Student ID number/LCPS Employee PID/Retiree Account number in the Student ID field when creating your account. For Non-LCPS students, please use your 10-digit telephone number in the Student ID field.


  • Does the Loudoun County Public Schools system have drug and weapons policies?

    Schools are responsible for maintaining an atmosphere conducive to learning and for protecting students from illegal and harmful influences. View the LCPS Drug Policy in English or Spanish. Please read the policy and discuss it with your child. If you have any questions, contact your school’s principal.

    Possession or use of a weapon, loaded or unloaded, operable or inoperable, by a student while under the control or supervision of school system personnel, at a school-sponsored activity, or on school property is prohibited. This policy is applicable to students at all grade levels. View the LCPS Weapons Policy in English or SpanishPlease read the policy and discuss it with your child. If you have any questions, contact your school’s principal.

  • How does LCPS keep kindergarten students safe when riding the bus?

  • Where can I find more information about supporting my student?

    The mission of Loudoun County Public Schools Parent Resource Services (PRS) is to promote a positive working relationship between families, educators, and the community by fostering an understanding of the building blocks that contribute to a successful educational outcome.
    The Parent Resource Center provides workshops for families and educators on a variety of topics to enhance student wellness and learning. They also connect families and educators to school personnel, web-based and community resources.

  • Does the Loudoun County Public Schools have a mobile app?

    The LCPS App is available for a free download from both the Apple App Store and Google Play App store. To learn more, click

  • What is the Congestion Must Go campaign?

    The Congestion Must Go campaign is an initiative of the LCPS Support Services Division.  The campaign seeks to reduce the amount of traffic around our schools by encouraging bus ridership, walking or biking to school, carpooling and efficient kiss and go operations.

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