Students were introduced to the BIG QUESTION concept in September.  They came up with their BIG Question and were required to complete various activities associated with the exploration of their questions.  Students were exposed to 2 artifacts that were related to Ms. Smiley's BIG Question.  Students were also given the opportunity to locate artifacts for their own BIG Question as well.  Students also had to address their BIG Question on their Semester Exam. 
    Unfortunately, some students have allowed their concepts to get "rusty", or they have forgotten their question all together. 
    Students should be prepared to complete additional activities related to the BIG Question throughout the next couple of weeks. 
    Writing Goal- students should be ready to present their BIG Question masterpiece by
    May 2 and May 3, 2013.
    How many aftifacts am I expected to produce? 6-- 3 for the textbook Scavenger Hunt (4-11-13 & 4-12-13)  3 on my own(poem, newspaper article, magazine article, short story, movie, television show, cartoon clip,lyrics, etc.)
    1. Application Activity for Ms. Smiley's BIG QUESTION- what does the process look like?( old) Application   
    2. BIG QUESTION Scavenger Hunt- BIG QUESTION Bootcamp (new) 
     BIG QUESTION- April 2013
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